Whisky Classified 


You can now order Whisky Classified by David Wishart.

The price depends upon whether delivery is within the UK or abroad, and whether airmail post is required.  All prices include packing and tax.

Whisky Classified - Shipping Option


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Worldwide delivery by airmail post

$34.99 US  

Worldwide delivery by surface post

$29.99 US  

UK Delivery, including postage


As a guide to delivery times, airmail post takes 5-10 days to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Europe.

Surface post takes 1-2 weeks to Europe; 3-4 weeks to USA or Canada; and 8-10 weeks to Australia or New Zealand.

Delivery to a UK address takes 1-3 days.

Because the cost of postage is determined by the weight of the book, we regret that we are not able to offer any discounts for multiple copies.

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