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One of our many strengths is the ability to cluster large data sets, but this would not be so useful if the resulting trees could not be displayed flexibly.  For hierarchical cluster analysis, we provide several options that allow you to format your tree or dendrogram in just the way you want to present it.  But it's not very helpful if the tree is too large to fit easily on one page.

We solved this by allowing a large tree to span several pages, or sections.  ClustanGraphics gives you the option to divide a tree image either by specifying the number of sections wide and tall, or by specifying the size of each section.  The tree can then be pasted into several pages of a report, printed by sections, or saved to files for further processing by a graphic editor.  You can specify a bleed at the edges of each section so that boundary labels are not severed.

The Copy Sections dialogue looks like this:

A large tree can be divided into sections for pagination or printing 

This is a hierarchical cluster analysis of 268 cases obtained using average linkage in Cluster Proximities.  The tree was sized by Modify Tools and dimensioned by Display Tree, with Garamond 10pt bold as the label font.  We copied each of the four tree sections to the Clipboard and saved them in a Word document, an operation which required just 8 mouse clicks to complete.  You can download the report here (87kb zip).

Although we have described this feature in terms of sectioning a large tree, it can also be used with other ClustanGraphics images such as cluster scatterplots and proximity matrices.