ClustanGraphics Tutorial at GfKl 2001 

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ClustanGraphics at the German Classification Society

Dr David Wishart

ClustanGraphics5 was presented at GfKl 2001 , the 25th Annual Conference of the German Classification Society, University of Munich, March 14-16, 2001.

The tutorial describes ClustanGraphics5 and includes practical case studies from the social and biological sciences.  A live demonstration will be given of ClustanGraphics5, including k-means analysis using mixed data types, missing values and differential case or variable weights.  Details here.

The tutorial describes the following aspects of the new clustering methodology:

  • Handling mixed binary, nominal, ordinal and continuous variables
  • Specifying missing values, weights and variable transformations
  • Gower's General Similarity Coefficient and general distance coefficients
  • Optimization of Euclidean Sum of Squares in k-means analysis with mixed variables
  • Outlier detection and deletion
  • Saving a cluster model and its use to classify new cases
  • Summary tree, ordination and graphical presentation

We are most grateful to the City of Edinburgh Council, Lothian Exports and Lothian and Edinburgh Enterprise Ltd for supporting our attendance at GfKl conferences.