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To try out FocalPoint, proceed as follows.  Load ClustanGraphics4.  Click File|Open and select the ClustanGraphics file "Mammals" and select FocalPoint in the Cluster menu:

The FocalPoint main dialogue will appear, with several default options showing, as below:

Click Run, and FocalPoint completes 500 random trials on the Mammals Case Study.  On our PC, this took second.  Click Review Results and 7 top solutions are recorded.

In this example, we selected all the top solutions and all the statistics options.  When we clicked Statistics, all the statistical results were stored in the statistics table.  They can be viewed using the scrollbars, or copied into a report or spreadsheet.

Note that solution 1 - the "top" solution with the least ESS value - resulted from 336 random trials, or about two-thirds of the 500 random trials.  We can be reasonably confident that it is fairly stable, and probably an optimum solution.  It has been selected as the cluster model.  When you select the Cluster Model page, the detail for this solution can be seen:

In about five mouse clicks you completed your first FocalPoint cluster analysis on the Mammals data set and found 7 different "top" solutions.  The optimum 5 cluster classification for Mammals was found, statistics were obtained and the detail of the cluster model was viewed.

FocalPoint Clustering is supplied with ClustanGraphics5, which includes a free copy of the FocalPoint Clustering User Guide.  To try it out ORDER ClustanGraphics5 now.