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CGClusterBtn.gif (1037 bytes)   Clicking the Cluster Prox button allows you to change the clustering method used on your proximity matrix. 

The following dialogue appears:

ClusterProx.jpg (31174 bytes)

Simply select the new method of hierarchical cluster analysis you want to use from the pull-down list and your proximity matrix will be clustered by the new method.  Note the choice of 11 standard methods - more than most packages allow - for the full list, see hierarchical cluster analysis.  Note also that exemplars have been computed, and 1 tied proximity was detected - see exemplars for details.  Unlike many other clustering packages, ClustanGraphics can test the sensitivity of the resulting clusters to tied proximities.

When you click OK, your new tree for Increase in Sum of Squares (Ward's Method) will be displayed:

CGProteinsTree3.gif (4910 bytes)

It takes about 3 clicks to complete a new hierarchical cluster analysis.  But in this example we used the Tree Settings dialogue to change the labelling font and shading colours, to show off our neat formatting features.