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Some examples of cluster analysis applications which illustrate the wide diversity of the subject are listed below.  In each study, either a grouping of the sample into a relatively small number of clusters was obtained, or the similarity relationships between the cases were analysed and described.

  • Puberty rites of American Indian tribes
  • White groups by expressed attitudes towards blacks
  • Psychological typology of Chinese and Japanese Americans
  • Tribal classifications of Australian aborigines
  • Rural poverty patterns in Ontario townships
  • Asian nations by peaceful interaction links
  • National voting patterns at the UN
  • Urban regions by census, industry and facility data


  • Storm cycles and beach erosion on Lake Michigan
  • Impact craters and volcanoes on earth, moon and Mars
  • Geological data transmitted from earth satellites
  • Automatic mapping of geophysical data


  • Wild plant communities and agricultural crops
  • Soil profile distributions and regional trends
  • Chemical compounds by their reactive properties
  • Brooches from archaeological grave diggings


  • Cirrhosis of the liver syndromes
  • Evolution stages of infectious disease processes
  • Influenza viruses by antigenetic relationships
  • Infant mortality from family, ethnic and economic data
  • Brain malfunctions in children


  • Evolutionary processes in biological taxonomy
  • Structure of cell nucleus by genomic components
  • Muscle, hair, lens and plasma protein variations
  • Amino acid sequences in proteins


  • Cardiovascular and respiratory systems in dogs
  • Kangaroo rats from systematics and protein variations
  • Squirrel monkeys by social signals
  • Pedigree dogs by behavioural measurements
  • Apes and man from skull measurements


  • Survey respondents by personality and attitude data
  • Tourist behaviour patterns on camping holidays
  • Typological models for predicting educational attainment
  • Political cliques by their voting records
  • Urban speech varieties from a linguistic survey
  • Housing types by their furniture stocks


  • Heroic, comic and tender patterns in literary fantasy
  • Extracts from Plato and Jane Austen
  • Publications in a branch of modern physics


  • Consumer goods by content, brand loyalty or similarity
  • Product market typology for tailoring sales strategies
  • Retail store layouts and sales performances


  • Job classes and personnel functions
  • Job training requirements and course design
  • Forecasting future manpower requirements by job class


  • Corporate decision strategies using social preferences
  • Control, communication and distribution of organizations
  • Industry processes, products and materials
  • Design of assembly line control functions


  • Automated mass health screening of blood samples
  • Character recognition logic in OCR readers
  • Data base relationships in management information systems