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Clicking Cluster Scatterplots displays a scatter diagram for your current cluster model, in which each cluster is differentiated by a different symbol or colour. 

Here is an example of a cluster scatterplot of the 5-cluster model in the Preview.  It shows the distribution of 5 clusters for the Mammals case study, in which the horizontal and vertical axes are the first and second principal components, computed by ClustanGraphics.




In this example, each of the clusters is displayed using a different colour.  Alternatively, you can use a different symbol for each cluster, which is helpful when publishing a scatter diagram in a report or journal, as follows:


Scatterplot Settings dialogue, with changes to cluster labels, font, colour and size for MDS dimensionsThe clusters on a scatterplot can also be labelled either by cluster names specified in the Cluster/Scatterplots dialogue or by cluster exemplars.


Scatterplot axes can be any combination of two data variables, external variables, principal components or MDS dimensions.  In the above example, we plotted the five cluster solution for the Mammals dataset on the first two principal components.  In the final example (left), the five cluster solution has been plotted on MDS dimensions and the cluster labels have been specified in the dialogue.  You can change the labelling font, size and colour, and label the cluster by case names, cluster names, cluster exemplars, or just leave the points unlabelled.