ClustanGraphics Reviews 

We are very fortunate to have some exceedingly patient and, thankfully, appreciative users of ClustanGraphics3.  Here are a selection of their comments:

"ClustanGraphics is truly remarkable in its speed, capacity, ease of use, and graphics. I am totally amazed at its speed in clustering plant geographical data from 1000+ grids in Scandinavia." - Professor John Birks, Botanical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway.

"I spent years looking for an affordable clustering package that can handle large datasets. We are clustering remotely sensed satellite images by average linkage for maps of 80,000 area cells, each with 44 data fields." - Randall B. Boone, Natural Resource Ecology Lab, Colorado State University.

"ClustanGraphics is very user-friendly and is a big help in constructing a geo-chemical map from soil samples." - Michiel van Dijk, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University.

"Shifting from one tree level to another and seeing the means of variables by cluster are excellent. The ease of classifying new data and exporting the results for further analysis is superb." - Glenn A. Growe, Grand Valley State University, Michegan.

"We clustered 100k members of a frequent shoppers club on the patterns in their purchasing behaviour. ClustanGraphics will be very useful in our work on market segmentation." - Kristofer Jönsson, Market Analyst, Stockholm.

"We are clustering quantitative PCR data in experimental neuromolecular biology. I believe that ClustanGraphics will be among the most important analysis tools in genomics." - Kikuya Kato, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Takayama, Japan.

"I am using ClustanGraphics to analyze the hidden layer configurations of recurrent neural networks in natural language processing. It has an extensive range of analytical features and an intuitive graphical interface.  An excellent research tool, and a pleasure to use." - Dr Hermann Moisl, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.

"The t-statistic for the best number of clusters by Ward's method is very important. Thank you writing such a great program.  I love it." - John Petrocelli, Human Development Services, University of Georgia.

"The results for DNA sequence data by Jukes-Cantor' distances are great! The primer is splendid! I am impressed by the GUI. The modify option provides functionality that is not available in any of the other statistical packages. This is a giant leap in genetic data analysis." - Dr. Peter M. Saama, Quantitative Genetics Lab, Michigan State University.

"We are clustering operational functions on their interactions and joint information needs. Our goal is to synthesize organizational structures hierarchically such that closely related functions are grouped together." - Darren Tanner, Management Consultant, Guam.

"ClustanGraphics goes beyond classical clustering tools, for example in mapping different life-styles. It is more user friendly, more precise and can validate and improve cluster solutions. At the moment nothing meets if for performance." - Georgios Tassoukis, Market Analyst, Nuremberg.

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