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The ClustanGraphics Primer describes ClustanGraphics, and is an ideal introduction to cluster analysis for new users.  No prior knowledge or training is assumed, and sufficient mathematics is provided for tutors of multivariate statistics.  The current issue is the Fourth Edition, published in 2006. The front cover is illustrated by the cluster model actually used for Whisky Classified . The contents are as follows:

ClustanGraphics PrimerPreface..1

Getting Started..2 Opening Files..2 Publishing Trees..4 Exploring Trees..4 Case Studies..5

Data Preparation ..6 Reading Data..6 Mixed Data Types..7 Data Transformations..8 Weighting Cases and Variables..9 Viewing Data..9 Reading Proximities..10 Viewing Proximities..12 Reading Trees..12 Viewing Trees..12 Reading Scatterplots..13 Clustan Wizard..14

Proximity Analysis..15 Computing Proximities..15 Continuous Proximity Coefficients..16 Binary Proximity Coefficients..17 Mixed Proximity Coefficients..18 Displaying Proximities..20 Re-ordering Proximities..21 Nearest Neighbours..22 Viewing Proximities..23 Computing Exemplars..23 Cophenetic Correlation..24

Clustering Proximities..24 Single Linkage..26 Complete Linkage..27 Average Linkage..27 Weighted Average Linkage..27 Mean Proximity..28 Centroid..28 Median..28 Increase in Sum of Squares (Ward's Method)..29 Sum of Squares..29 Flexible..30 Density..30 Distance Restrictions..31 Missing Proximities..32

Direct Data Clustering ..33 Cluster Data..33 Increase in Sum of Squares (Ward's Method)..34 Average Distance..35 Outlier Analysis..35 k-Means Analysis..36 FocalPoint Clustering..39 Classifying Cases..41 Classify Model..42

Hierarchical Divisive Clustering..43

Cluster Model Selection ..45 Saving a Cluster Model..46 Best Number of Clusters..46 Tree Validation..47 Truncate Tree..47 Hybrid Clustering..49 Cluster Members..49 View Current Model..50

Principal Component Analysis and Multi-Dimensional Scaling ..50 Principal Component Analysis..51 ClustanPCA Parameters and Results..51 Multi-Dimensional Scaling..53 ClustanMDS Parameters and Results..54

Cluster Scatterplots..55 Specifying Scatterplots..56 Displaying Scatterplots..56

Formatting Graphics ..57 Tree Styles..60 Navigate Tree..60 Case and Variable Labels..62

File Operations ..62 Data Formatting..63 Opening Files..63 Saving Files..63 ClustanGraphics Help..63 Using Excel..64

About the Author..64


Key References..67

The ClustanGraphics Primer by David Wishart is illustrated by 58 graphic images showing exactly what to expect when using ClustanGraphics.  It was first published by Clustan Limited, Edinburgh in 1999 (ISBN 0953436802). This is the Fourth Edition, published in 2006 (ISBN 0953436837)

The ClustanGraphics Primer is supplied free with ClustanGraphics.  One copy is supplied with each ClustanGraphics single user license.  Additional copies can be ordered for use with network or site licenses, price $10, 10 euro of 5 each, plus airmail postage if required.

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