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A demonstration version of ClustanGraphics was distributed with CLASS (Classification Literature Automated Search Service) by the Classification Society of North America (CSNA).  It requires about 2MB, and includes the Mammals, Proteins and Primates sample data sets.

Please note that the following restrictions apply:

    1.  The trial version runs on a maximum of 25 cases.
    2.  The ClustanGraphics Help file is not supplied, so Help buttons don't work.
    3.  Missing data treatments are not included.
    4.  Most sample data sets are not available.

You can run ClustanGraphics on the Mammals data set.  You can even use the ClustanGraphics demo for demonstrations and teaching.  All we ask is that you don't use it for production work, unless you purchase a license.

We regret that we do not offer a downloadable demo version - the main reason is that the manuals are essential for using the software, and it is therefore necessary to ship ClustanGraphics to your address.

To order ClustanGraphics on-line click ORDER now.