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Here we describe ClustanGraphics, our entry-level software for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME and XP.

Click Preview to learn how to use ClustanGraphics, or Features, where we detail what ClustanGraphics can do and how it compares with Clustan/PC.

There is also a technical section which describes how ClustanGraphics can be used in different types of applications, in particular for large data problems such as arise in data mining and knowledge management.

If you are involved in data mining or analyzing large social surveys, remember that our k-means analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis can handle different types of variables , such as occur in survey questionnaires and database records.  You are not likely to find similar flexibility in other clustering or neural network software.

Finally, we describe here the ClustanGraphics Primer, our 60-page manual which tells you everything you need to get started in cluster analysis.  For a limited period only, we are also including the FocalPoint Clustering User Guide , which describes our two-stage k-means procedure included with ClustanGraphics5.