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Clustan User Manual

by David Wishart

Fourth Edition: ISBN: 0 906296 00 5

The Clustan User Manual tells you all you need to know about how to run Clustan - whether you are a mainframe, Unix or PC user, the specifications are the same.

Clustan was first developed at the University of St Andrews in the 1960s, and first distributed in 1966 following a colloquium in Numerical Taxonomy.  Clustan and ClustanGraphics therefore represent over 30 years of experience in developing and applying cluster analysis software.  It is highly specialized software, with a great range of techniques and flexibility of use.

The Clustan User Manual is the definitive text for cluster analysis software.  It is included in the profile of reference texts used in the Classification Literature Automated Search Service (CLASS) of the Classification Society of North America.

The Clustan User Manual contains eleven chapters with the following headings: Getting started .. 1; How to run Clustan .. 4; Clustan command language .. 7; Use of cluster analysis .. 16; Recommended analyses .. 18; Published methods .. 21; Clustan procedures .. 22; Similarity coefficients .. 195; General clustering strategy .. 208; Sample programs .. 212; Clustan/PC .. 241; Index .. 243.

The chapter on Clustan procedures describes over 50 procedures and commands available in Clustan, while the following chapter defines the 40 proximity coefficients which are provided as standard.

The Clustan User Manual is available in English, French and German editions.  You can order it through your normal bookseller.  In case of difficulty, contact Clustan direct.