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Clustan is an integrated package of procedures for cluster analysis.  It contains the following hierarchical clustering procedures which produce trees that can be viewed or analyzed further using ClustanGraphics:

  • Cluster: hierarchical cluster analysis on a data matrix
  • Hierarchy: hierarchical cluster analysis on a proximity matrix
  • Centroid: centroid forming method using a proximity matrix
  • Density: hierarchical density-seeking method
  • Divide: hierarchical divisive clustering on binary variables

In addition, Clustan includes the following non-hierarchical clustering methods:

  • Classify: identifies new cases by traversing a tree
  • Normix: maximum likelihood estimation of multivariate normal mixture
  • Invariant: iterative optimization of Wilks' Lambda or Hotelling's Trace
  • Mode: finds the modes in a sample density
  • Relocate: iterative reallocation to clusters (k-means)
  • Kdend: seeks Bk overlapping clusters
  • Dndrite: division of minimum spanning tree to minimize sum of squares
  • Euclid: fuzzy clustering to minimize sum of squares

Clustan also includes the related procedures:

  • Read similarity matrix: reads a proximity matrix
  • Calculate similarity matrix: calculates a proximity matrix
  • Print results: output of cluster diagnostic results
  • Scatter: plots scatter and cluster diagrams
  • Plink:  plots hierarchical clustering trees
  • Rules: significance tests for best partition
  • Compare: compares hierarchical classifications

All Clustan procedures are fully documented in the Clustan User Manual, which is supplied with Clustan.

You can use ClustanGraphics to view the results of all Clustan's hierarchical clustering procedures. Save your tree files to a disk and then read them into ClustanGraphics specifying Clustan Dendro as the file type in the File|Open dialogue of ClustanGraphics.

Clustan Comparison answers the question: What's the difference between Clustan and ClustanGraphics?

The different versions of Clustan and Clustan/PC are described in Clustan Versions.

Clustan® is a Registered Trade Mark of Clustan Ltd.