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The following case studies are distributed with ClustanGraphics:

  • Proteins     Distances for 20 species
  • Mammals    Distances for 22 species from 4 variables
  • Soils          Similarities for 23 soil samples
  • Fisher        Fisher's classic Iris data, 150 samples and 4 variables
  • Jarvik         Smoking survey, 110 subjects were asked 12 questions
  • Cities         Airline distances for 30 cities
  • Primates    Jukes-Cantor Distances for 5 nucleotide sequences
  • Cars           Data for 9 automobiles, product segmentation study
  • MixedData  Binary, nominal, ordinal and continuous data types

If you're interested in commercial applications, have a look at our two marketing case studies using Clustan in malt whisky and retail banking.

For full details, please visit the relevant pages of the ClustanGraphics Help file.