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Auto Script allows a script file to be run instead of interactive operation of ClustanGraphics.  This is helpful if you have a large data application and do not wish to specify variable types, weights and transformations each time the data are read.  You can create an Auto Script file while running ClustanGraphics in normal interactive operation, and then re-run the script automatically with all your results being saved to an output file.  Auto Script files can also be edited offline, using a text editor.

The Auto Script feature has been developed for users who have heavy data mining applications and prefer not to wait and click buttons as each procedure is completed.  It will be useful to consultants who need to "package" a complete ClustanGraphics process for automatic running by their clients.  The output of all results to an output file is also relevant where quality assurance procedures require a process audit trail to be created, as any error reports or warnings will be recorded alongside the results.

Here's how Auto Script looks in ClustanGraphics ...

Auto Script allows you to save your sequence of ClustanGraphics steps to a file and re-run it automatically at a later date without the need to press any buttons.

For details of how to use this feature, please refer to the file "Script Specifications" which is distributed with ClustanGraphics 6.03 and later.  There is a sample Auto Script file in "ClustanGraphics Script", and the results of running this script can be found in "ClustanGraphics Results file".  This script reads an Excel data file, standardizes the variables to z-scores, computes a proximity matrix of squared euclidean distances, clusters by Increase in Sum of Squares (Ward's Method), finds the best partition of the resulting tree using Bootstrap Validation, and outputs the cluster membership and cluster profiles for the best partition.  All this is done automatically without user intervention, other than to specify the names of the script and results files. 

Some ClustanGraphics procedures such as Cluster/Scatterplots are necessarily interactive, and have not been implemented for Auto Script running.  At present the procedures that can be run in AutoScript are: File/New/Data, Edit/Data Tyes, Prox/Compute, Cluster/Prox, Cluster/Data, Tree/Best Cut,Tree/Validate, Cluster/kmeans, Cluster/Members and Cluster/Profiles.

If you have an interest in this development and wish to use Auto Script, please contact us.