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Comprehensive functionality ...We specialize in designing software for cluster analysis.  Clustan has been described in several textbooks as the most comprehensive clustering software available.

ClustanGraphics8 ... is our latest release, new for 2005 and offering many unique analytical features.  Check what's new, and what our users thought of version 4 in their reviews.

Powerful graphics ... Navigate Tree summarizes a hierarchical cluster analysis from the top, with t-tests on cluster means.  ClustanGraphics also displays conventional dendrograms, scatterplots, proximities and profiles.

Decision trees ... are agglomerative in ClustanGraphics, not univariate splits, so clusters are defined in terms of their multivariate profiles.  Read our recently published critique on clustering versus decision trees for details.

Market segmentation ... for customer retention management, helps focus a company's marketing policies on its most profitable client groups - see our banking case study.  If you enjoy whisky , read our product segmentation of 84 single malt whiskies - now sponsored by over 50 Scottish Highland distilleries.

Data mining ... is our forte.  For example, we have clustered 120,000 cases hierarchically, and a million cases by k-means ; a dataset of 5000 cases by 1000 variables reads in 3 secs and clusters in 90 secs on a 350Mhz PC.  Discover why our k-means analysis converges where others don't, and read our k-means critique where you can download a recent scientific paper.

Genetic data analysis ... DNA arrays of 40,000+ nucleotides can be clustered, with Jukes-Cantor Genetic Distances or Jaccard Similarities.

White papers ... We also publish several scientific papers presented recently at international conferences, which explain our philosophy or describe our methodology.  Please read any which catch your interest.

Manuals included ... ClustanGraphics8 is supplied on CD with a 64-page Primer , an excellent introduction to cluster analysis for new users and students.  It contains everything you need to get started with cluster analysis.

Our policy ... is to supply our users direct, because we greatly value our contact with you.  We recognize that most Clustan users are top professionals, demanding high standards in graphical software design and analytical functionality.  New developments are regularly influenced by valued user feedback.

Affordable ... Single-user, indefinite licenses from $145 (academic) or $435 (non-academic).  No annual fees.  Order online by invoice or credit card:

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